For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: His name shal be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
Top 20

20. Jack in the Box
Most recent commercials have made sexual references. Not very family friendly Jack. .

19. Gamestop
Lots of violent video games but no mention of Christmas.

18. Subway
Questionable choices for spokesmen. Football player, Ndamukong Suh, has been fined a total of $42,500 by the league for three violations in the first year-and-a-half of his career. In a poll of fellow players conducted by the Sporting News, Suh was named "the dirtiest player" in the NFL. Swimmer, Michael Phelps, was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol in 2004 and was photographed smoking pot in 2009.

17. 3M Products
Consistently says holiday and consistently avoids saying Christmas in their Command Adhesive TV commercials.

16. Big Lots
"Lottie" of big holiday commercials but little Christmas in their ads except if your shopping for a Christmas Tree.

15. Boost Mobile
Crude and unusual commercials. No Christmas either.

14. Calvin Klein
Controversial commercial in 2000 pulled for featuring young boys and girls in underwear jumping on a chesterfield. The company pulled them saying these ads were "not fully considered".

13. Carl's Jr.
Regularly have commercials that are sexually provocative.

12. American Apparel
Hires pornographic actors to be models . Actively opposes traditional marriage. In 2009 the company acknowledged hiring 1500 illegal immigrants and was forced to fire these workers from its LA facility..Not family friendly at all.

11. Priceline.com
Uses a medium as it's spokesperson in recent commercials.

10. Old Spice/ Axe (it's a tie)
Bizarre and sexually provocative ads.

9. JC Penny/ Covergirl (another tie)
Actively opposes traditional marriage. Infrequently mentions "Christmas" in ads.

8. Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic
You'll find lots of "Merry" and "Holiday" but no mention of Christmas. How about those bizarre mannequin commercials?

7. Disney Corp
Has a history of negatively portraying religious themes. It recently canceled the show, GCB, a Christian-bashing version of ABC's now defunct "Desperate Housewives. Disney actively promotes the homosexual agenda on their news channel(ABC News), Disney Channel (Good Luck Charlie-introduced a homosexual couple) and sports outlets(ESPN). ABC Family Channel is really not recommended for families with young children either.

6. Nickelodeon
"American Pie" actor Jason Biggs is currently employed by Nickelodeon as a voice artist for its upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot. Parents have voiced their concerns over recent sexually graphic and vulgar tweets made by the actor. Nickelodeon stands by the actor still.  Also, many of the TV shows on the network often feature non-traditional families. The network also promotes a very progressive political agenda.

5. The Home Depot
In recent years they've seldom used the word "Christmas" in their ads. They have stirred up controversy in recent years for openly setting up booths and participating in gay "pride" parades. For more information visit www.BoycottTheHomeDepot.com

4. Honda
This car company references "Happy Honda Days" in its commercials but doesn't mention Christmas.

3. Hyundai
Not to be outdone by its competitors, this car company uses the phrase "Hyundai Holidays".

2. Mercedes-Benz
Their car commercials advertise a "Winter Event" which feature Santa Claus and his reindeer but Christmas is obviously absent.

1. Radio Shack
The #1 worst offender. For years this company has advertised during the Christmas Season showing children opening their Christmas Presents underneath the Christmas Tree. For years Radio Shack has purposefully replaced Christmas with the word "holiday" in their TV and print ads.

Determinations for THE LIST are made by a review of one or more of the following criteria: TV Programming, TV Commercials, Website Content, Internet Advertisement, Email Newsletter, Print Mailer, Newspaper Advertisement, Radio Advertisement, Billboard Advertising, In-Store Displays, and/or Contact with Company Representative.

WeSayChristmas.net and The Christmas List are for information purposes only and WeSayChristmas.net does not endorse/represent nor make any guarantees to the accuracy of any advertising of companies listed. Use of the term "Christmas" in ads may be updated from one day to another and WeSayChristmas.net reserves the right to add and remove companies listed at any time. We value and encourage all consumer feedback and will make an honest attempt to verify information provided via email, facebook and twitter.

The preceding businesses deemed not family friendly due to one or more of the following: assist in social engineering, hold or held policies that are detrimental to the free market economy, limits the free exercise of religion or negatively portrays religious themes, gender degradation of women/men in advertisements, sexually provocative-crude advertisements, ads that promote violence/acts of divination.

Some of the above information taken directly from the respective company's website. AFA.net, Wikepedia, and HotAir.com were also referenced during the formulation of this list.

When you do business with these companies let them know you are keeping Christ in Christmas and they should do the same. The following companies are rated 20 to 1 for NOT keeping Christ in Christmas and some for NOT being pro-family.  List updated November 5th, 2012.